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Webinar Content Production

More brands are using them than ever before and webinar attendance rates have more than doubled, according to a number of popular webinar platforms.

As social distancing continues, more brands are making use of webinars to reach their audiences. And with the continued cancellation of conferences and face-to-face meetings expected for the months ahead, adding webinars to your communication strategy can ensure you keep your target audience engaged with relevant content while staying safe by socially distancing at the same time. 

But if webinars are new to you or you don’t have the experience or resource to create the webinar content, that’s where a communications agency such as BrandContent can step in. 


BrandContent will take the heavy lifting off you.  Our webinar service includes:

  • Identifying engaging webinar topics that are relevant to your audience
  • Carrying out in-depth research into the webinar topic (including interviewing your internal experts to draw out their expertise and ensure their knowledge is reflected in the content)
  • Scripting all talking points for your team so they don’t have to worry about preparing any of the content 
  • Designing the webinar materials: making them eye-catching and on brand to keep your audience visually engaged
  • Promoting the webinar before and after 
  • Training your speakers for presenting on a webinar
  • Post webinar analysis and feedback to speakers to continually improve delivery and the audience experience 
  • Creating content post-webinar turning those valuable questions posed by your audience into useful content to follow back up with your audience 

Making the webinar experience the best it can be

Many brands focus on ensuring the technical elements of the webinar is perfect, neglecting the  most important aspect, the delivery. If your audience can’t hear you or you lack confidence presenting, it’s difficult for them to stay focused and engaged.

As part of our webinar service, our presentation coach works with your presenter or group of presenters to improve their webinar communication skills covering nerve management and confidence, how to structure information, voice and body language as well as feedback on previous and practice webinars as required. 

With over 10 years experience in coaching speakers to present effectively, our webinar service will help you minimise drop-offs, encourage listeners to come back to your follow-up webinars and prompt those all important questions so they have a positive experience with your brand. 

A professionally created webinar is an effective tactic for building audience engagement, delivering value to customers and prospects and influencing the buyer and generating new leads. 

Gemma Bennett, Marketing Manager at FundsLibrary said:

“BrandContent worked with us to produce a series of webinars on some very complex topics. The team took the heavy lifting of us by interviewing our experts, doing additional research around the topic and supporting on scripts for our very busy team. They also provided webinar speaker training which the team found incredibly helpful and insightful. Without the support of the BrandContent team, it would have been very time-consuming for us produce such a high quality webinar in-house. For us the biggest value was being able to provide content for our clients in a clear and useful way, with our usual expertise and attention to detail.”

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