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Voice App Development and Design

From Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home to Apple’s Siri, people are increasingly using speech to control their devices, ask questions, stay entertained or buy products and services.

Voice assistants – not to be confused with chatbots, which you talk to through text rather than voice – are becoming part of our everyday lives, at home, in the office and on the move.

Voice assistants offer another way to communicate with your customers through a platform they feel comfortable with.

At BrandContent we can work with you from discovery and design through to building a voice assistant for your company and customers. We’ll identify ways to reach your target audience through these new conversational interfaces and create a slick customer experience for both Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

What are Voice Assistants?

A voice assistant is a device that can listen, action and respond to a command. The popular Google Home and Amazon Alexa devices are leading the way, but you may also have a voice assistant on your phone, TV or in your car.


Voice user interfaces are totally different to websites and mobile apps. We take away the visuals and replace them with voice.

Working with you, we’ll develop an understanding of what you want to create, why and who you want to target. We’ll develop ideas that will really get people using your voice assistant app. We’ll work through some of the key questions with you: How does that voice sound? How do you want your customers to perceive your brand – is it funny or is it serious?

Getting the tone right is critical.This is also a good opportunity to look at the wider picture. Is the tone of voice consistent across all touchpoints? If not how do we align it?

Conversation Design

Voice assistants are relatively new and require a new type of thinking. Voice and content is at the heart of the development. When we create your voice app we need to create a design language. This includes intents, utterances and slots. When developing voice assistants we have to think about all the things the app should respond to and how the user will interact with that app.

Development and Completion

During the development phase we bring together everything and package it up into a deployable voice app. Once fully tested internally, analytics and bug reporting is set up. Then we will send your Skill or Action to the Amazon and Google review teams for go-live.


By this point your skill is on the market and ready for users to download and interact with. We now need people to know about your voice app. Through content marketing we will ensure it is shown to the right audience to drive high engagement rates.

Being data-driven we look at the stats and identify areas to optimise. As with websites and apps, voice assistants need just as much love and attention and we’ll make recommendations on how to continue to develop and optimise the app.

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