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Social Media

The social media landscape is shifting dramatically and there’s no way out of it, managing your social story, is a labour of love.

Being present is simply not enough. You need an intelligent social media strategy to drive social brand awareness and get your target audience into your content funnel. And you need to listen.

Social listening not only informs the strategy and provides valuable insights it also enables you to newsjack placing your brand into relevant and timely cultural conversations.

But we know you need more than ‘conversations’ to drive meaningful value. You need to deliver on your brand objectives and bottom line goals, so with every paid strategy we put in place, we ensure ‘conversion’ is at the heart.

How do we do it? We treat your social channels like a brand newsroom following a proactive and reactive social content plan.

Our Eight-Step Approach

  1. Establishing your most important KPIs and metrics
  2. Researching your social competitive landscape
  3. Researching your social media audience
  4. Developing your social content pillars and social brand purpose
  5. Building and curating engaging social media content
  6. Engaging with your audience in real time
  7. Paid media management including copy and visual A/B testing
  8. Daily performance monitoring and learnings


Why is Social Media Marketing important?

Social Media can improve brand awareness and brand loyalty, help you to engage with your customers and increase traffic back to your website. Whether through organic or paid social, it can be a cost-effective way of hitting a wide range of business goals.

Whether it’s community management, real-time content, social strategy or social campaigns, we use creativity intelligently to deliver on your business goals.

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