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Why podcasts?

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular with over 6.9 million people listening to them every week – a number that’s growing fast. In the last year, an additional 1.3 million people have taken up listening to audio, and it’s easy to understand why.

They’re easy to download, and you can listen to them while on a run, the commute to work or dozing off at night.

And now Google is getting in on the action. It has created a native podcast app for Android phones and is on a mission to double global listenership in the next 2 years.

Why podcasts for business?

They’re an intimate format giving you the opportunity to talk directly to your audience for a sustained period of time, on average 30 minutes in one sitting. When compared with an average time on page of 2-3 minutes for online content, you can see the case for a podcast becomes clear. More time spent with the brand equals more brand affinity and a higher propensity to trust and purchase. Podcasts also generate an extremely loyal listenership as the audience has self-selected themselves as interested in the topic.

But a podcast is not to be taken lightly. As with editorial and visual content, the quality of the content is everything. Listeners will turn off if the production is poor or the content is not authentic.

How do I start a Podcast?

When starting a podcast, it’s important to choose a niche – what are you going to focus on? You can then create a content calendar and choose a name, theme music and design. It’s important to think these through carefully as it could be the first time someone ‘hears’ your brand.

Why BrandContent?

Our podcasts are put together by our team of editors, journalists and marketers with backgrounds from the BBC and commercial radio. They’ll help you develop a podcast strategy, define your brand ‘tone’ for audio, devise interesting and relevant topics which will align with your current content strategy as well as managing the interviews and production.

But we don’t just stop there. We’ll also help you market your podcast and generate more content from it. Our content team will take the content produced in the podcasts and turn it into rich editorial for your blog or corporate site, into snackable content for social and thought-leadership and hot topics for op-eds to fuel your PR.

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