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Content Strategy

At BrandContent we have one core belief, that content should make an impact. We believe your content should have a positive impact on your audience, and on your business goals and bottom line.

To create content with impact, you need a robust framework. Whether you’re new to content marketing, or want to improve what you’re already doing, it is essential to define your content strategy.

Our content team will help you define, plan, develop and manage your content to deliver the greatest impact

Our content strategists, who all specialise in the tech and financial services, will help you plan, develop and manage your content to deliver the greatest impact. We’ll work with you to understand your audience’s drivers and we’ll drill into your analytics to understand the onsite and social behaviours of your audience enabling us to create stories that will resonate.

As part of the content strategy, we’ll develop core content pillars your content should adhere to – based on real data insights – and establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) so you know what success looks like and how we are getting you there. We’ll also develop your unique tone of voice and content mapping to ensure you have the right content at every stage of the buyer journey.

If you’re already far down the content path, we’ll audit your content and analyse what’s working and what isn’t making recommendations on what to keep, cull, edit. All our recommendations are data-driven enabling you to make intelligent decisions on how to engage your audience.

With the big picture nailed, we will map out the opportunities within the buyer cycle and your channels, to ensure that all your content is effective wherever your prospects and customers choose to engage with you.

We’ll advise on the best content formats, which you can read more about here. Whether it’s an editorial piece, gifographic, podcast, video series or influencer campaign, we’ll help you drive meaningful conversations for your brand as well as traffic and new leads.

Why do I need a Content Strategy?

A content strategy is the plan for the creation, publishing and managing of quality content. It defines how and why content will be used to achieve your content marketing goals. Through a content strategy, you should be able to attract, engage and build trust with your customers while also improving the authority and search visibility of your site.

If you want a daring approach underpinned by intelligent analysis, you’ve come to the right team.

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