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Content Creation

Working with us, useful and stimulating content creation will be at the core of your content marketing plan.

Content creation is an opportunity to provide relevant, useful and interesting information without having to pitch your products and services, ultimately driving profitable customer actions.

At BrandContent, we’re not just a strategic content agency, we can support you on creative content creation too, all delivered by a highly skilled team, committed to the tech and financial services industries.

Crafting your content strategy into impactful digital assets is our award-winning team of journalists, designers, editors and filmmakers.

How we do it

  1. Understanding the audience drivers. We drill into your analytics to understand the onsite and social behaviours of your audience and map these to stories that will resonate with your audience.
  2. Understanding the competitive landscape in which you operate. When it comes to measuring how you stack up against your competitors. We combine a range of approaches from competitor monitoring to content gap analyses to understand your current market share of the conversation.
  3. Ideation – We are skilled at generating ‘big’ content ideas that have research and data collection at the heart of them. Our approach to data-driven storytelling is unique to BrandContent. Our data mining skills enable us to find the best stories using intense research and data analysis techniques guaranteeing your brand will stand out.
  4. Planning – we’ll make recommendations on how the content is best created and the story best told. For some stories it may be a video or podcast, for others it may be intelligent editorial.
  5. Creating – We offer a 360 degree content service producing your content from start to finish.

Why are we different from other financial services and tech content marketing agencies?

We assign a cross-disciplined team – responsible for SEO, social, editorial, design, PR and video – to every project we take on. We ensure your content is perfectly managed and executed from concept to realisation, hitting technical and creative targets.

Even once published, the content journey isn’t over, and our team will distribute and promote your content to achieve its objectives. Through effective monitoring and measurement of content performance, we tell you what works best for your audience, so we can continually inform our efforts as we continue to develop your content.

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