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Our Services

We’ll help you get your message in front of the right audience for your brand, always putting great content and engagement front and centre. Find out what services BrandContent offer here.

Voice Assistant Development

Voice assistants are a growing market, whether that be Google Home or Amazon Alexa we are finding them in our homes, cars and workplaces. We can work with you on developing voice assistants apps that work across the platforms and create a seamless user experience.
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Content Strategy

Our content strategists will help you plan, develop and manage your content to deliver the greatest impact. We will work with you to establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and develop a customer journey framework, complete with tone of voice guidelines and personas to ensure you have the right content at every stage of the buyer journey.

Through content audits and analysis, you will get data-driven content recommendations and a content plan that puts the strategy into action to intelligently engage your audience.

With the big picture nailed, we will map out the opportunities within the buyer cycle and your channels, to ensure that all your content is vibrant and attractive wherever your prospects and consumers choose to engage with you.
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Content Creation

We offer creative services that provide clients with high calibre content delivered by a passionate and committed team that you just won’t find anywhere else.

We assign a cross-disciplined team – responsible for SEO, social, editorial, design, PR and video – to every project we take on. We ensure your content is perfectly managed and executed from concept to realisation that hits technical and creative targets.

If you’re looking for data visualisation, GIFS, videos or intelligent editorial, our creative team will be at your beck and call.
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Conversion Rate Optimisation

You may already be investing in social media campaigns, SEO and PPC to bring traffic to your website, but what happens after they arrive at your website? Once you’ve got a potential customer on your site how can you convert them into an actual customer?

This is where conversion rate optimisation steps in, otherwise known as CRO. A well structured CRO strategy can make the difference between a good online business and a high-conversion business.
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Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing raises brand awareness. Fact.

We get your content in front of your target audience. A branch of our bespoke content creation and strategy services, our influencer engagement programme connects brands with marketers with an organic following scoring in the millions.

Our social outreach and media team are a hybrid of editorial, social and PR experts. We have established strong relationships with YouTube influencers, bloggers and giants of the social media world.

Influencer marketing is a true partnership that is built to deliver the greatest impact and together, we will help you co-create branded content that will resonate with your audience and deliver on your content KPIs.
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Social Media

We follow an always-on, agile approach to social media. Whether it’s community management, real time content, social strategy or reactive social media campaigns, we use impressive content as a springboard for great conversations.

Our team have crafted global social campaigns for localised markets, and developed and delivered creative social campaigns cross-industry. At the heart of all our social campaigns are incredible content, from video to snackable short-form editorial, to get your digital community talking and growing.

We’ll use our tools and expertise to carry out social listening and inject your brand into conversations at the right time and ensure your voice is as unique as your brand.
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Our PR team is perfectly formed to storm the media and gain your brand unrivalled exposure. We don’t look to get our clients small mentions in the media – we seek high-quality, meaty pieces that your brand owns.

We deliver on your PR objectives, from growing share of voice, launching new products and services, changing consumer behaviours and landing the messages you need in both the UK and overseas media.

Our contacts span the entire consumer and B2B media landscape, with a particular focus on consumer, technology, personal finance and business – and our strong relationships coupled with our fantastic storytelling skills mean we deliver big results.
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SEO & Voice Search

SEO is no longer a standalone offering– the best content campaigns are the most connected ones, so we integrate SEO into everything we do. This way, we can ensure your customers can find you through timely campaigns that are hard-hitting, engaging and relevant to your audience.

This connected approach uses search engines and a wide variety of other digital platforms to position your campaign in front of the right people at the right time – from SERPs to social.

Starting with keyword research and content audits, our SEO experts ensure your content and campaigns have the right data behind it to drive traffic to your website and see your website move up through the SERPs.

We know the questions your audience are asking, and we will help you to effectively answer them.

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Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular with over 6.9 million people listening to them every week – a number that’s growing fast. In the last year, an additional 1.3 million people have taken up listening to audio, and it’s easy to understand why.

Our podcasts are put together by our team of editors, journalists and marketers with backgrounds from the BBC and commercial radio. They’ll help you develop a podcast strategy, define your brand ‘tone’ for audio, devise interesting and relevant topics which will align with your current content strategy as well as managing the interviews and production.

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