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Integrating Voice Search into your Content Strategy.


“90% of new cars are set to include some form of voice recognition technology in the next year.”

Without teaching you to suck eggs, voice search is the process of searching with your voice, rather than typing on a desktop or computer.

In this episode, we are investigating how voice search can be integrated into your current strategy with Sina Kahen, the co-founder and chief consultant at Vaice and Siobhan, our Head of SEO. We are covering:

  • how to optimise your site for voice search
  • the importance of user intent with voice search
  • how we see the adoption of voice search going in the future

It needs to be a human response because at the end of the day that’s what voice assistants tap into.” – Sina Kahen, Vaice.

For more information, here is the Voice Search Landscape report we reference in this podcast.

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