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What Will 2015 Bring for Content Marketing?

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As 2014 begins to draw to a close, we take a look at the top 6 themes and trends we believe will impact the content marketing and wider marketing industry in 2015.

1: In 2015 we will see a change in the marketing agency landscape. We’ll see more and more SEO agencies re-brand as “content marketing” agencies to take advantage of the growing need for good editorial content in the sector. PR agencies will follow suit and build out their own content marketing divisions as both look to take advantage of the changing landscape of digital communications and inbound marketing.

2: The big watch-out for 2015 is the emergence of the phrases: “content is SEO” and “look at content through Google’s eyes.” Jumping on the content marketing bandwagon and the growing need to replace outdated and forced link building strategies, these terms will be banded around regularly. But beware: no content strategy should start by looking at content through Google’s eyes, you should always look at content through your customer’s eyes. Only this way will you have the highest quality and best performing content for your brand and customer’s that will in turn deliver winning SEO results – naturally.

3:  The early adopters of content marketing will look to review their existing content strategies, their content onsite and the social platforms they are active on looking for efficiencies, improvements and new ways to innovate and stand-out. Meanwhile, the late adopters of content marketing will have to perform content audits, clean-up old content, and will embark on a content push trying to plug gaps and improve their digital strategies playing ‘content catch-up.’

4: Brands who are more advanced in their use of content, will focus on the 360 degree benefits brand content can deliver, developing a more comprehensive attribution model and using it to fuel more accurate and personalised CRM and multi touch-point customer strategies.

5: More ‘Chief Digital Officers’ (CDO) will be appointed as businesses, particularly in the financial services sector, embark on ‘digital transformations’. With the convergence of technology, data and marketing and the emergence of London as a global leader in the Fintech space, the UK’s largest brands will require the need for a CDO to maximise the opportunities that exists by becoming truly digital. Content marketing will become part of the chief digital officer’s remit.

6: As Buzzfeed continues with its success, more brands will want to emulate them saying they want content like Buzzfeed, (yes, really).  This will pollute the web with even more ‘click-bait’ content that leaves the audience disappointed, making it harder for brands to get their content to stand-out. As a result, some brands will become braver with their content strategies, with a commitment to making them more customer-centric but investing more budget to ensuring their content really delivers.

Have your own predictions for 2015? Share them with us below.

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