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Why news monitoring should be part of your daily routine

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Every communications agency understands the importance of staying on top of the news agenda and up to date with what’s trending – let’s be honest it goes without saying! So, as an account executive, I religiously dedicate my mornings to keeping up with the headlines and here’s why…

News monitoring educates and informs

When I first started working at BrandContent, I was new to the agency world and the first few weeks of news monitoring gave me the opportunity to read and learn.

Sharing stories with the team helped me to quickly understand what interested our clients; I could see what conversations they needed to be a part of and what else was going on in their industry.

News monitoring evolves into newsjacking

This initial insight gathering soon evolved into spotting newsjacking opportunities for clients, and as I became even more familiar with their products and opinions, I was quickly able to create opportunities for coverage, links and mentions in the media.

Despite the disruption COVID-19 caused to our campaign schedules for clients, using our news monitoring service to its full potential meant we were able to create multiple  newsjacking opportunities which proved to be a highly successful tactic for keeping our clients brands in the media.

News monitoring sparks inspiration

But it’s not just instant newsjacking opportunities you’re able to spot through news monitoring. It also offers tonnes of inspiration, which is useful to have in your back pocket when a new brief arrives.

Coming up with fresh and new ideas time and time again is probably one of the biggest challenges in an agency. Making sure you think of something that’s not been done before and creating that hook to attract target titles is no easy feat! However, staying on top of  the headlines means you not only see what competitors have done, but you can also read through other campaigns that have been picked up by the media which may ignite an idea for something later down the line.

A simple and easy way to monitor the news

Trawling through Google News and conversations on social can be quite time consuming every day, especially if you need to monitor multiple topics. To streamline the process we use tools like Feedly and Buzzsumo to help filter the relevant stories we need to see. These systems start to understand behaviours and prioritise stories they think will be the most interesting and relevant. They’re not fool-proof, but it definitely reduces the search time and increases the reading time, so no complaints here!

From my short time working in the agency world, I’ve quickly come to see how important news monitoring is. If you take a look first thing in the morning, you’re guaranteed to know the main stories, headlines and talking points in the media by the time you’ve finished your first cuppa.

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