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The Top Content Trends to Watch in 2017

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Live videos are becoming extremely popular. We all remember last January when #DrummondPuddleWatch went viral. A ‘caution’ sign was put in a big puddle and everyone found inventive ways to cross it, including floating on a swimming pool lilo. Why waste a perfectly good lilo you brought home from Spain when you can use it crossing a puddle in Newcastle, right?!

Live videos work because they are interactive but you still need to make it out of the ordinary. Buzzfeed engaged 800,000 live viewers by setting up an experiment to see how many elastic bands it could tie around a Watermelon before it exploded. Later, a report showed there was a total viewership of 5 million people.

Facebook Live

Not content with almost killing off Twitter altogether, Facebook Live is here to steal the limelight from Periscope. Launched in 2016, Facebook Live is just getting started.

The instant popularity of Meerkat, Periscope, Snapchat, and now Facebook Live demonstrates the importance of authentic, “off-the-cuff,” and ‘in-the-moment’ content with audiences worldwide live streaming videos on Facebook.

According to the platform, people spend 3 x more time watching a Facebook Live video compared with a video that’s no longer live, simply because ‘in the moment’ content is more interesting. Worth noting, there are a lot more active users on Facebook (1.7bn) than the 305 million Twitter users and 100 million Snapchat users, providing a large audience for brands to engage with through Live.

Content Marketing

This is no new phenomenon but it is evolving to the point that content marketing is now seen by 70% of adults every month and surprise, surprise, video is playing a key role.

According to the Content Marketing Association, marketers plan to increase budgets for video content in the next 12 months and Cisco predict that by 2019, 80% of the world’s traffic will be video.

Take Snap as a case in point, it is one of the most popular social channels today with 150 million daily users and snapchatters are watching more than 10 billion videos a day.  Content needs to connect with people and in 2017, the dominant medium for doing so is video.

That doesn’t mean words are no longer important, on the contrary we love words and they still have an important role to play in any content marketing strategy and anyone who says differently is well, quite simply, wrong.


In April 2016, Facebook began allowing businesses to deliver automated customer support, e-commerce guidance, content and interactive experiences through Chatbots on Facebook messenger. Messenger has more than 1bn monthly active users and over 33,000 chatbots have been created. Why? Because chatbots and messaging apps are the next frontier in customer service. They allow you to have a 121 conversation with a customer but at scale.

They aren’t right for everyone, but if they can solve a problem for your customers then you should be considering them. Centennials, the generation just entering the workforce, also have a preference towards chat and messaging apps, so if your product or service is targeted at the young ones you should be scoping this out.

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