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The Powerful Combination of a PR One Night Stand and a Long Term Relationship

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It will soon be London Technology Week (11-17th June), providing an opportunity for businesses to discover and showcase disruptive technologies, seek growth advice, debate the issues and learn about innovations just around the corner.

But with no shortage of tech firms emerging with the latest ‘big thing,’ how do B2B tech businesses stand out?

We like to think it’s through carefully defined content marketing and PR, a powerful combination when done right.

 Quick and dirty?

I like to think of PR as a one night stand. It’s quick, fun but the high is short lived.

If you think about your PR programme, it’s made up of short stories which are released to the world in short bursts. The story peaks and then the ‘fun’ is over (at least til the next story). But content is the exact opposite. It’s more like a long-term relationship which needs investment and nurturing but it’s worth it. Put both content marketing and PR together and you have something extremely powerful.

PR will help you get your brand in the right place and in front of the right eyeballs but it’s most successful as part of an integrated content programme.

That news-story might catch the eye of the CEO when scouring the morning news but it’s most powerful when you use it to pull your target audience through to your owned media whether a LinkedIn Pulse blog or a thought-leadership white paper.

So when thinking about how you stand out think about how content and PR can work together to drive the results you need.

Who said a long-term relationship had to be boring anyway?


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Hi! I’m Laura, Account Manager on the PR team at BrandContent. Delivering strategic and results-driven PR campaigns with a creative edge is part of my bread and butter. I like to tease out the human element of any subject, which helps my clients get to the heart of their audience and makes sure they’re talking about things people really care about. If there’s a conversation to be had I want my clients to be centre stage for all the right reasons Outside of work I like to find a balance between running marathons and eating cake – but I don’t always get it right!

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