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“Shut the bathroom door!”: A look back at our first week working at home

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Earlier this week we closed our HQ doors in Cardiff, packed up our bags and transformed our dining room tables and spare bedrooms into office spaces.

As we come to the end of our first week working from home, we thought we’d share some of the weird and wonderful things we have experienced:

 1: “All I want for Mother’s Day…”

Mother’s Day plans will be changing everywhere. But you can still celebrate it remotely. For one of our mums, a box of paracetamol in the post was her gift request.

heart made of pills

 2: “Shut the bathroom door!”

Homeworking rule number one: partners mustn’t leave the bathroom door open while you are on a client call in the adjacent room. And they definitely mustn’t drink loads of coffee and then hold their wee in for hours, only to let it all out as soon as you are chatting to the client. Week one lesson learnt.

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3: “I’m actually enjoying being in lockdown with you”

Think carefully about the words you use: Some of us are in enforced lockdown with our families. But it’s not all bad. A little more time with your partner or kids can be a good thing. We reserve the right to edit that sentence come week 5.


 4: “We’ve run out of sugar!”

One of our PR team, in a moment of sugar-based panic, yelled this out while her partner was on the phone to a customer. Overhearing, the customer promptly reminded him to go to the shop, before hanging up.

sugar cubes

5: Cyber sandwich

Dressing gown donned (why not?), sandwich to hand: it’s time for a daily ladies-that-lunch Skype session.  One of our PR team has been making the most of her lunch break to have a three-way virtual chat with her sister and mum. Technology (admittedly, coupled with the need for social contact) is enabling a bit more communication between families. Awww.


Bring on week two.

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