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The Google Emoji Engine

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Seemingly nothing can stop the Google tech train – there’s now a Google Emoji Engine.

This year, the launch of the new Pixel phone has seen Google take a major leap. Reviewers even claim it’s overtaken the iPhone 7 in specs alone.

Not stopping there, Google has taken another step forward in making our lives that little bit easier by making it even quicker to search. A bold claim for a search engine right? But then these are the guys that made ‘google it’ so ingrained into 21st-century life it’s officially been given the status of a verb in the Oxford English Dictionary – so why stop there?

Via Twitter, Google has now launched a ‘#KnowNearby’ campaign where you don’t even have to write what you’re looking for. Essentially, the new search function takes all the effort of finding your nearest restaurant, fast food place or blacksmith (if you’re old school) by simply tweeting an emoji.

That’s right, just an emoji. So all that time you waste typing in ‘Where is my nearest burger place?’ or ‘Google feed me with the sweet taste of beefy goodness’ is eradicated.

So for a pizza place, click this little guy: 

Need those ‘I’m sorry, I’m an idiot’ flowers? Boom: 

Stuck for a destination on Taco Tuesday? Tasty! 

When the emoji is tweeted at Google, it responds with a GIF image and a link to where the nearest place is. Not too shabby! Just when you thought Google had already nailed search, it stepped it up once again proving that there’s always scope for new inspiration to disrupt the market. And, emojis have finally been given a justified existence – apart from inspiring a new range of cushions being flogged on a high street near you.

After scouring the internet and seeing some people trying to catch it out with, let’s say ‘different’ suggestions, it’s clear that Google has set its limits. Google’s tech apparently recognises 200 of the 1,400 emoji symbols available so far. So before you get carried away, there isn’t one for the aubergine yet, I think we’re happy about that.

But if you’re looking to procrastinate, there’s definitely going to be some Google Easter Eggs hidden away for you to discover.
Don’t believe us? Remember the barrel roll? (Try and not get too sick now).

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