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All That Glitters: A Cinemagraph Photoshop Tutorial

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The cinemagraph has been tipped as the next big thing in content marketing, and boy are they beautiful. Wielding hypnotic power over audiences with endlessly lapping oceans and candles, and twinkling, breathy details, the web is bewitched by them. Want one?

Frustratingly, cinemagraphs have been billed as a high-ticket and time-guzzling project, but we refuse to buy into the ‘if you have to ask, you can’t afford’ mentality. So, our in-house visual content producer Adam Russell explains how to make cinemagraphs for yourself, using photoshop and beautiful assets. Notebooks ready? Let’s go.

Got milk?

Tantalise cookie monsters (and FMCG marketers) everywhere with a familiar sweet treat

Baby it’s cold outside

Cinemagraphs can be used to convey emotion, cosiness and comfort, maing them perfect for the interiors industry.


Dude let’s go bowling

Reaction cinemagraphs have a double-whammy effect when pulled from classic movies (such as this gem from The Big Lebowski). Social producers, take note.


Come for a dip

Lull and soothe your audience with hypnotically lapping water. The travel biz must put cinemagraphs in their strategies.


Turn low-res into high quality

The struggle is real! If you only have 256 colours, and pixel haunts you, apple a vintage filter.

Feel inspired? Read more about making your own cinemagraphs.


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