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How To Clean-Up And Win Big During The Content Awards Season

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Sharon Flaherty is a respected judge at several prestigious communication and content awards, such as the CMA Content Marketing Awards and the UK Social Media Awards.

She’s seen it all. Even Gary Lineker in a vending machine. But she’ll be the first to tell you that celebrity name dropping and world-class events won’t necessarily bag you the gong, gold or crown.

If you’re thinking about submitting your content for an award this season, here are her insider tips (which we shouldn’t tell you, but WE WILL anyway because we’re nice like that) for standing out from the crowd and scooping that coveted award win.

“Before you do anything, find your content purpose”


Every campaign must have a purpose. We need to know why you did what you did! Make sure you say how the objective of the campaign was met early on in your application.

“Share and explain the ROI properly”


Every last detail, from leads and traffic, to conversions, PR and new business. Make sure you prove it with supporting evidence, because there’s nothing more unbelievable than: ‘my campaign drove an extra £200,000 of business’.

“You don’t belong in that category”


You’d be surprised at how many people enter the low budget category, and as such it’s fierce competition. Don’t automatically  define your content by its monetary value. Look beyond the bottom line to your content’s unique attributes and pick the one that’s most relevant to your content.

“Was your campaign integrated?”


Great, just make sure you point out the journey and how you ensured the content was integrated through every channel and department. Don’t forget the extra results and revenue it secured, every little helps!

“While some gimmicks can be genius, innovation impresses judges more”


Campaigns that deliver purpose for the customer, raise awareness of issues and look to solve real problems make us feel good. Simple as.

“Write it clearly”

It sounds basic, but if judges don’t understand what you’re trying to say it’s unlikely they’ll get in touch with you to ask questions. If writing isn’t your strength (or you simply don’t have the time) rope in a copywriter and proofreader, and reap the rewards. There are even agencies out there who’ll filter your testimony and data into a well-positioned application. Don’t stress when you can outsource.

Now go get them!

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Sharon Flaherty

Hi, I’m Sharon the Managing Director of BrandContent. Day-to-day I oversee client satisfaction and carry out strategic client work. I work on both established financial services brands as well as challengers and love working on both. In a previous life, I was a journalist at the Financial Times and worked in-house for brands including the MoneySuperMarket Group and leading their Content, PR and Social divisions.

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