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  • Search is changing. No longer are search engines waiting for people to tell them what they want – they are predicting and assuming. Artificial intelligence is driving this change and transforming how consumers behave and search. To some people, the growing role of AI is creepy, but to us it’s exciting. Embrace Voice Search The … Continued

  • The days of key-bashing could be over, the rise of voice control is upon us. Hello Google Home. Ever since the integration of Siri onto mobile devices, voice recognition devices have been developing rapidly and changing the way we search. The ease of shouting ‘Okay Google, Hey Siri or Alexa?’ has made everything from discovering … Continued

  • Google has recently used a new term – ‘Search Engine Manipulation’ – to shine a spotlight on spammers and protect the integrity of its search results. In 2014, e-ventures Worldwide had 231 websites removed from Google search results because all were identified as ‘pure spam.’ eVentures sued and a court in Florida has allowed the … Continued

  • Seemingly nothing can stop the Google tech train – there’s now a Google Emoji Engine. This year, the launch of the new Pixel phone has seen Google take a major leap. Reviewers even claim it’s overtaken the iPhone 7 in specs alone. Not stopping there, Google has taken another step forward in making our lives … Continued