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BrandContent to pay ‘journey days’ when staff go flight-free

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We’re doing what we can to help our employees minimise their impact on the planet and tackle climate change. We have recently signed up to a scheme with climate charity Possible so that agency staff have the opportunity to claim an additional two “journey days” if they choose to travel on holiday by land or sea rather than air.

Helping to kick-start a movement towards clean travel

Flying is one of the most carbon intensive ways to travel, and so it makes sense that flying less is one of the most powerful ways we can reduce carbon emissions. One of the major benefits of flying is the speed at which you can reach a destination many miles away. This is especially important when your holiday allowance is limited, and time is of the essence. Many people know that flying is costly to the environment but simply can’t afford to spend the additional time travelling by other means.

In fact, research by Possible shows that 50% of people are ready to reduce the amount they fly in order to protect the environment, but only 3% do.We believe that time is a key factor in holidaymakers’ decision making and so we’re offering our staff two additional days of holiday to use to travel by bus, train or boat rather than flying. We hope that this will make flying (especially short haul) less of a necessity and more of a luxury.

By joining the Climate Perks programme and encouraging our staff to think of alternative ways to travel (and ditching carbon intensive flights in particular), we aim to kick-start the shift towards low carbon travel in the Communications industry. As an employer, and an organisation, we hope to lead by example; empowering our staff to make a positive impact on the world and giving them the necessary time and resources to do so.

A single return flight to Berlin clocks up the same amount of carbon as 13 return trips by train. The impact of BrandContent employees taking just one less flight per year is a great first step towards minimising their impact on the environment and helping to slow the climate crisis.

Sharon Flaherty, CEO at BrandContent, said: “Every employer has a responsibility for doing their bit to halt the climate crisis. We’ve thought long and hard about how we become a sustainable business and how we embed that into everything we do, from our environmental footprint to what motivates our team. As an agency we are people-first and want to ensure that what motivates our team is embedded into our values. More and more we see that our people are climate conscious and want to play our part in reducing our carbon footprint as a team.

“As an industry, we also need to create behaviour change and educate the clients we work with that it’s everyone’s responsibility to make changes to how we work and live and contribute positively to the world we live in. This initiative is evidence that we’re putting our money where our mouth is; we’re making it easier for our team to travel the world without contributing unnecessarily to the climate crisis and by doing so are helping to reduce their eco-anxiety.”

Emma Kemp, Campaign Manager at Possible, said: “Flying is one of the fastest growing sources of greenhouse gas emissions globally. As more people look to take positive, practical action on climate change, Climate Perks offers a win-win option to do just that. By empowering staff to make clean travel choices without losing out on rest and relaxation, BrandContent is showing the world that they aren’t just ahead of the curve on clean travel, they’re bending it in the right direction. The more people that make a planet-friendly choice for their next holiday, the quicker we’ll reach the low carbon destination we all want.”

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