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BrandContent September Round-Up

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As another month flies by, here’s a few of our top highlights from the month that was September…

1: Practicing what we preach!

This month we’ve set ourselves a challenge to blog more often so we can share our insights and learnings with others. We are so busy creating award-winning content for our clients, that we sometimes neglect our own content. So, this month we’ve been taking the time to put pen to paper (metaphorically speaking) to share our experiences and expertise with you.

Highlights from this month include; tips on Facebook Advertiser Verification, how we supported Cheers NHS, avoiding racist phrases in content and why news monitoring should be part of your daily routine.

Keep your eye on our Outfoxed blog as we will be publishing and sharing lots more content and case studies!

2: Time to TikTok

Although we can’t go into too much detail right now, we’re working on an exciting project on TikTok that’s due to launch any day now. For the last few months we’ve been busy getting stuck into the platform to find out what makes people tick, and exploring how to drive engagement. We’ve spent hours scouring the most popular trends and videos – and even had a go making a few of our own.

Stay tuned to see the finished result from this fun social project!

3: You’re a star

In September, we presented one member of our team with our new ‘Star of the Month’ award and a £50 Amazon voucher.

We created this award as part of a new reward and recognition programme developed while we are all working from home to remind the team how valuable they are. The ’Star of the Month’ award was created to say thanks to the person who went above and beyond in their role during the month and exemplifies all the characteristics of a BrandContent team member.

Rebekah Hewett, account executive, was the first recipient of the award for the way she has taken on more responsibility and approaches each challenge with a positive attitude and a smile on her face.

4: Roll on 2021

As we head into winter, we’ve been finalising plans for our clients for the last quarter of the year. This has involved lots of mentions of the ‘C’ word as we’ve been having lots of fun thinking of ideas for Christmas campaigns – it’s never too early to get in the festive spirit!

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