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BrandContent May Round-Up – Remote Working, Webinars and Cheers NHS

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In our second full month of lockdown and remote working, we’ve welcomed a new team member, achieved record-breaking coverage for a client, secured a new client, and played our own small role in ensuring frontline workers can enjoy their favourite takeaways.

Here are just four of our highlights from May:


1: James joins the team to lead the way on creative


We kicked off the month by welcoming James Cuff, our new Associate Director and creative lead, to the team.

He brings a wealth of experience in earned, paid and social media, as well as journalism. Not to mention an endless supply of ideas.


2: Helping to say thanks, with Cheers NHS


We offered our expertise to a new not-for-profit initiative, Cheers NHS, to help them give back to key workers.

Set up by entrepreneur, Joe Tannorella, and a team of volunteers, Cheers NHS enables people to buy a takeaway voucher that will go directly to eligible frontline healthcare workers along with a personal message of thanks.

We helped to spread the message through PR support, getting in touch with journalists and helping to promote the initiative on social media.

So far, the initiative has seen over £8,000 of takeaways donated, and has been covered by the Metro, Fintech Times, and regional titles.


3: Supporting Webinars


During lockdown, we’ve been sharing our lessons and learnings with the wider world. We’ve been working with Town Square – a company passionate about bringing the creative, collaborative community in South Wales to entrepreneurs around the rest of the UK – to host webinars to help do just that.

This month, Rachel, our Head of Social, gave a guide to social media; while Alice, our PR Account Manager, provided a PR 101 for businesses, helping to get brands off the ground.

Webinars are proving to be a great way for businesses to communicate whilst many continue remote working, and we’ve also been using our expertise to help another client to create and produce a series of webinars.


  1. Presenting ideas over video


We may be adjusting to remote working, but that hasn’t stopped us from coming up with big creative campaigns for clients as briefs continue to fly in.

Laura, our Senior PR Account Manager, has shared some basic tips for presenting ideas over video call:

  • Be seen and be heard: First and foremost, make sure everyone on the call can hear you, and if you’re going to share a screen, make sure everyone on the call has seen you before you disappear behind your presentation.
  • Invite questions: You may not be able to see the people you’re presenting to in the same way you would in a room, so make sure you’re inviting questions along the way to gauge reaction and make the session more interactive.
  • Bring the energy: It can be quite daunting to present when you can’t see the people you’re presenting to, but don’t be tempted to simply read off the screen. Bring the same personality and energy to your ideas as you would do in a conference room – it really does make all the difference.
  • Watch out for distractions: We’re all working with different set-ups that we’re just about getting used to, but do a quick check before your call to make sure there’s nothing that’s going to distract you or the rest of the people on the call. Think noisy dogs barking next door, housemates or partners on another call in the same room, or children sneaking in to join the call. But remember; we’re all human, so if you do get a distraction while you’re on the call, just do the best you can!


Here’s what we got up to in April.

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