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BrandContent July Round-up

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As we reach the height of summer and marked 19 weeks working from home, we’ve been adapting as an agency to the ‘new normal’ and enjoyed a jam-packed July.

Here are our top highlights from the month:

1: No-meeting Wednesdays


Working virtually has brought about its challenges, there’s no doubt about it, but it’s also given us an opportunity to take stock and look at the way we work as an agency.

Our latest recruit and new Associate Director and creative lead, James Cuff, has been bringing lots of fresh ideas to the table and one that we all loved is no-meeting Wednesdays. It’s exactly what it sounds like, we keep EVERY Wednesday free so that we can spend the middle of the week getting our heads down without the interruption of jumping from meeting to meeting.

2:AR blinking

They say that the average person blinks more than 28 thousand times in one day, but we’ve been blinking millions of times more than we would normally, all in the name of social.

We’ve been working on a really exciting new campaign throughout July which has been great fun, testing out our ideas and watching them come to life, and we can’t wait for this campaign to go live…watch this space!

3: Whizz Kidz

At the end of the month, we were joined by an extra team member, Abbie, who started a work experience placement with us through Whizz Kidz. The non-profit organisation supports young wheelchair users with experience and equipment to help them live fulfilling lives.

We’ve been speaking with them for some time so we’re really excited we’ve been able to set up the placement and looking forward to seeing Abbie’s work. She’s been a keen blogger for a few years now and has her own blog on Facebook, so, amongst other things, we’ll be inviting her to do a guest post for us over the next few weeks.

4: Creating inclusive cultures in PR

Our, digital content assistant, Molly Geddes, attended CIPR’s Creating Inclusive Cultures in PR webinar at the beginning of the month. The panel style discussion covered the lack of diversity in PR and also looked at the importance of why and how we should be working to improve this.

Molly shared her insights from the session which taught us there’s so much more that can be done, and so we all pledge to make a more conscious effort to support the PR industry to be a more inclusive sector and bring about the changes we need to see.

5: Returning to the office

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been working remotely for over four months, but as lockdown restrictions are continuing to ease across the UK we’ve started discussing returning to the office.

This isn’t something we want to rush, it has to be done in the right way and so we’ll be talking to the whole team to make sure everyone feels comfortable and ready to start transitioning into this ‘new normal’.

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