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BrandContent February Monthly Round-Up

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From making strides to minimise our impact on the environment, to sharing the secrets of a winning digital PR campaign, here are five of our February highlights at BrandContent…

1: Green and proud

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Starting the month off with a big green bang, our efforts to reduce our agency’s impact on the climate were covered in Business Insider.

The article was about the practical ways that Welsh businesses are reducing carbon emissions – and one way we’re doing that is with Climate Perks, a scheme allowing our team to claim back additional journey days if they choose to travel on holiday by land or sea, rather than air.

One campaign, 200 pieces of coverage


This month we received our 200th piece of coverage for a campaign for our client Equals, exposing the poor exchange rates offered at airports across the UK. After securing an exclusive with the BBC in February we then landed additional national media coverage, helping holidaymakers avoid getting ripped off.

We’ve campaigned on this topic on behalf of Equals for the last four years, with continuous media coverage and growing public awareness of the need to avoid airport bureaux de change. Top tip: if you want to maximise your holiday spending money, then stay well clear!

3: Secrets of a successful digital PR campaign

CIPR Social Short

Our senior account manager, Laura Jones, took centre stage at the CIPR Social Short this month to share how we approach a digital PR campaign.

Laura gave an insight into how you can turn an initial idea into a fully functioning interactive tool and award-winning campaign that receives over 73 pieces of national coverage and 63 followed links.


4: Cardiff Uni talent


We’re pleased to announce that four interns from Cardiff University will be joining us at the end of March. Each intern will be working with us for one week at our headquarters in the city, where they’ll learn about life in a bustling agency environment and get a taste for the industry.

5: SEO brainpower

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Our team are all specialists in areas such as content, PR or social, and we  believe everyone in a content agency should have a good grasp of SEO, whatever their role. In February we all bolstered our SEO knowledge with a training session on the SEMrush SEO tool.

Why SEMrush? It was a prize for winning best small agency in the UK at the International Content Marketing Awards (CMA) last year.

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