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BrandContent August Round-Up

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As the new school year starts, we’re reflecting back over the last few weeks of the summer break and some of our BrandContent highlights from August:

1: Pregnancy Loss Policy Pledge

We had some big news in the summer as we launched our very own Pregnancy Loss Policy. This now means that any employees (both male and female) who are affected by baby loss at any point before 24 weeks of pregnancy will be offered two weeks’ time off at full pay, six counselling sessions and a phased return to work.

We’re passionate about rallying more businesses to do the same, offering support to employees who lose a pregnancy by putting a clear policy in place.

You can learn more and make your own pledge here.

2: Enhancing our maternity policy

Looking after our employees is a top priority at BrandContent and so we’ve been working quietly on a few things in the background in August, including refreshing our maternity policy. Employees who have worked with us for 18 months or over are now entitled to an enhanced maternity policy which means they’ll get additional weeks of full pay at the start of their mat leave.

3: Hitting the headlines

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In August, we launched a travel campaign for our client Admiral, which is the first one we’ve delivered since the pandemic hit at the beginning of 2020. With the rules around travelling abroad beginning to relax a little, more people were showing an interest in going overseas for a summer break, but it came with an additional price.

We spotted lots of stories highlighting the high cost of the PCR tests required to travel abroad and so we investigated how these prices vary in different countries around the world.

Within just a few hours of sharing the release with the media, we received coverage in the Telegraph and Evening Standard. It was picked up by 77 titles in total with other highlights including the Daily Express, MSN and Yahoo!

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