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FirstCarQuote approached us to help them increase social brand awareness with young motorists, and drive engagement on their Facebook page with that community.

We uncovered the insight that many young motorists know how to pass the driving test but after passing, they are rarely road confident.

Enter Firstcarquote the youth brand who asks the question on every young motorists lips: “You’ve passed. WTF now?”

Using this conversation starter, we created a brand awareness social campaign on Facebook asking people to reveal their first car confessions, you know that really silly thing you did after you passed your driving test…

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Help FirstCarQuote increase social brand awareness and build relevant Facebook audiences

We created hero brand awareness content to kick off the campaign focusing on the REAL things you need to know after passing your test and being let loose on the road. We chose female comedian Harriet Braine (UK Musical Comedy best newcomer) to guide viewers through the embarrassing first-time fails, from messing up your McDonald’s drive-thru order because you’re too far away from the speaker, to ending up doing a 25-point turn in a tight car parking space in a multi-storey car park.

With the help of Harriet we created an original song and a music video that called out these embarrassments bringing them to life in a cardboard set equipped with its very own car wash!

The campaign was a resounding success, building relevant and targeted audiences for FirstCarQuote as well as significant on page engagement through .

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