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Helping to keep key workers mobile


Temporary insurance provider Veygo asked us to help spread the word about a new offer for NHS workers in order to make it cheaper and simpler for frontline staff to get to work, and as a sign of their appreciation. We needed to act quickly to promote the offer to make it as useful as possible for those working for the NHS.

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Veygo offers various forms of on-demand, temporary motor insurance.

They reached out to us one lunchtime to ask us to help them to promote an offer they were running for NHS workers. As many of the Veygo team have family and friends working in the NHS, they wanted to run a substantive 75% discount on cover with them in order to make it cheaper and easier for these key workers to get to work.


Veygo were keen to use PR to promote this offer. Our PR team put a press release together, capturing the key points, terms and conditions of the offer. We polished up Veygo’s boiler plate and ghost wrote a quote from Veygo’s CEO to support the release. Whilst they were signing off the release, we put together a media list targeting journalists across a range of verticals in order to ensure the blanket coverage this offer deserved: including lifestyle magazines alongside nationals.

Throughout the day we also started monitoring Twitter for any influencers or journalists covering NHS discounts. We’d seen Pret, Leon and the like getting pick up for their NHS offers, so we started compiling a list of journalists covering these topics already. Before our press release had even been signed off, we’d already had a conversation with a journalist at Cosmo who was poised to include our offer in a piece that evening.

Our release was signed off and the sell-in began just 6 hours after the initial call. By the end of the week we had secured 175 pieces of coverage across a wide range of titles including Cosmo, OK!, Mirror online, Yahoo and The Express, as well as a number of regional titles.

The landing page had over 4,000 visits, and the Facebook post was also shared more than 600 times.

Most importantly, Veygo’s own data showed that 200 NHS workers took advantage of this offer in the first week. We are delighted to have been able to work on such a rewarding project.

Heledd Jones, Head of Marketing at Veygo, said: “It was a pleasure to work with BrandContent on this project. We were impressed by the speed and agility with which they worked to draft a quote and release that required minimal amends. Without their help we wouldn’t have been able to reach and support so many NHS workers at such a crucial time, we’re very grateful to the team for working so hard to get blanket coverage in such a wide range of titles.”

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