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Using thought-leadership


PowerReviews is a Chicago-based technology company which provides rating and review technology on brand websites across the world and we developed a thought-leadership campaign for them.

Giving PowerReviews An Intelligent Voice

We worked with PowerReviews to understand their competitors, customer personas and motivations to purchase.

We identified a role for them as thought-leaders in the ‘shopping’ space with content centred around insight-driven reports.

We identified and researched topics that its audience of global brands and retailers would be interested in, using tools including Mintel, Buzzsumo, Google Trends and SEOmoz. We then developed story ideas that were relevant and would resonate.

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Use thought-leadership to drive revenue for powerreviews

Our in-house journalists sourced the data, which they used to inform and produce the thought-leadership content, and our visual producer designed the report providing an end-to-end content service. As well as the report, the insights were repurposed and used for a webinar, their onsite blog and through PR to maximise reach and impact.


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