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Learning about saving through social

Principality Building Society


Our client, Principality Building Society, took its commitment to financial education one step further by developing a range of fun learning tools for children, led by the children’s mascot Dylan the Dragon. The Dylan’s Saving Squad website and Dylan’s Den app are a great way for kids between 4-11 to learn about money and savings from an early age. 

In order to bring Dylan to life on social media, we developed an AR Filter game. The filter, which was aimed at children, parents and grandparents, requires users to blink to make Dylan fly, and collect coins as he goes. 

To increase awareness of both Dylan’s Saving Squad and Dylan’s Den, and get people using our exciting AR filter, we worked with Instagram influencers across Wales. 

With a target audience of children, their parents and grandparents in Wales, we quickly identified parenting bloggers and influencers as the best way to reach the target demographic.

“I totally love this initiative, it’s a really good one, definitely checking out the app”

“What a brilliant educational app”

“This looks great! Great way for children to learn”

The Execution

Once our target audience was identified, we began to work on formulating an influencer strategy. 

Rather than spending the entire budget on one large macro influencer, we collaborated with 10 smaller accounts between 10K and 20K followers. 10k was crucial for the campaign as it meant we could use the ‘Swipe Up’ functionality in Stories, and that customers could then go directly from their post to the Dylan microsite.

We split influencers into four phases, allowing us to break up the results evenly each week. Taking a phased approach also ensured we had more time to spend managing influencers and keeping close contact with each throughout the briefing, creation and publishing stages. 

We created a comprehensive brief, featuring information about Principality Building Society as a business, campaign details, and recommendations about how all content should look. We wanted content to feel authentic, rather than staged so providing one set of comprehensive guidelines and recommendations allowed influencers to create their own individual content by following the brief. 

Providing guidelines, rather than instructions resulted in each creator providing unique content that focused on different aspects of the campaign. Some influencers heavily promoted the app, and some chose to focus on Dylan’s Saving Squad, ensuring we had a wide range of natural content, covering all areas. 

The Content

As with any example of influencer marketing, you need to identify which type of collaboration your work is so influencers can label their content accurately. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), the UK’s advertising regulator, requires all advertising content on social media to be labelled correctly. Our guide to the basics of influencer marketing, explains the different types of influencer collaboration in detail. 

All of the content produced for the campaign was #ad content, as it was a paid collaboration, and we used unique trackable links to track the progress of the traffic on site. All content was also approved before it was published. We made it clear to influencers that #ad must be featured in all content to avoid breaching any advertising regulations. 

Not only did the influencer campaign increase traffic to Dylan’s Saving Squad and the Dylan’s Den app, but it provided Principality Building Society with a range of excellent social media content created by influencers to be shared across their social media platforms both now and in the future.

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