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To raise awareness of Admiral’s home insurance product, create talkability and offer value beyond the news by providing solutions, not simply presenting problems. 

With over 40,000 monthly searches for keys and lost keys, it’s clear losing the key to your house is something that happens to us all.

But we knew that it wasn’t just lost keys that presents a problem for home security. How many times have you moved house in your lifetime? Did you change the locks when you first moved in? And how many friends or family members have a key to your home?

Turns out it might not just be six degrees of separation between you and the next person on the street, but six keys too…

To help tackle the problem, we decided to create a handy, easy to use online security test to help homeowners find out just how at risk their homes are when it comes to lost and missing keys, and unchanged locks.

Using a series of questions digging down into just out how many spare keys homeowners have given out, how many keys have been lost, and how many times they have changed the locks in their home, the test reveals just how safe your house is.

As part of the campaign, we also conducted a consumer survey to find out how many people were potentially putting their homes at risk by leaving keys in unsafe places like flower pots and under doormats.

Alarmingly, one in five of us admit to doing this regularly, making their homes easy targets for burglars.

Using this statistic and other data from the survey we created a press release for the media. We also worked with Cheshire Police who provided tips on how people can keep their home safe, along with information on how to dispose of old and unwanted keys safely.

The campaign has secured 61 pieces of coverage to date and 29 links, with coverage highlights including The Sunday Times, Daily Mirror, Daily Mail, This is Money, The Sun and Ideal Home.

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