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Insurance giant Admiral asked us to create an integrated campaign for its motor insurance product, focused on the theme of car use, transport and journeys, and how they might change after the lockdown period ends.

The Covid-19 pandemic changed people’s way of life all over the world, and how people travelled from A to B was no exception.

The pandemic expedited plans to change the layouts of many cities all around the world, and we noticed many cities released information on how things would be changing in light of the pandemic, including increasing cycling routes, closing public benches and implementing one way systems. But we had to dig deep into wordy documents to find this information.

So, we decided to visualise these changes and create dystopian-like images of cities before and after-lockdown, showing the impact the virus had on rush hour traffic and how things might look in a post-Covid world.

Using desk research, we found the most commonly proposed changes, and used this information to create a formula to apply to 10 city centres around the world to show what these changes would look like.

Alongside the release of the images, Admiral called on decision makers to commit to more permanent changes to infrastructure plans for more safe and sustainable travel for all road users and pedestrians, positioning the insurer as a trusted brand promoting active travel and recognising that the world of mobility is changing.

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