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Inflation or celebration? Cost of Christmas exposed



As with many businesses in the financial services space, SEO and a strong content campaign play a key role in driving traffic to the website. The higher the ranking for key search terms, the more sales volume the business gets.

At one of the most competitive times of year (Christmas), Admiral challenged us to develop a ‘big content’ campaign for home insurance to drive organic links to the website with useful content at the heart.

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Develop a content campaign and storytelling to create links back to the website


The Cost of Christmas Creative Campaign

We developed a campaign to reveal how the cost of the festive season has changed over the last four decades, carrying the message that we fill our homes up with lots of stuff at Christmas and it’s important to make sure these items are added to your insurance policy.

On its own, it’s a rather dry message, so we devised a big content campaign to make it a little more fun and impactful. We developed a multi-layered content campaign which included:

  • Influencer Relations
  • A Series of Facebook Lives
  • An Interactive Widget
  • PR And Media Relations
  • Video Content
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