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How to refresh campaigns for more mileage


It can be hard to come up with new ideas that have never been done before, especially in a world where it takes something big to stand out.

But sometimes it’s worth looking back at what you’ve done in the past, reviewing what worked well and why it worked, and then considering how you can refresh it and make it relevant for today.

That’s exactly what we did for our client, Admiral, and the results were even better the second time around….

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Insurer Admiral asked us to create a PR campaign to promote Admiral Car Insurance to potential customers. The campaign needed to raise awareness of Admiral’s Car Insurance product and promote Admiral as a trusted brand.

Take a  pit-stop at the motorway service stations

In July 2017, we conducted an undercover research investigation to reveal how much families were being ripped off if they decided to take a pit-stop at a motorway service station.

The following month, we used the data from this investigation to tie in with the start of the football season, examining pit-stop prices for fans as they travelled to their first away games of the season.

Fast forward to November 2019 and we refreshed the research with updated costs and comparisons and secured an exclusive with the BBC to highlight how much more expensive motorway service stations were than standard supermarkets. But the coverage didn’t stop there, we went onto secure coverage across multiple national and regional titles.

Showing that timing is everything, we were able to secure a second wave of coverage in December 2019 by tying the research to people driving home for Christmas.

Using topical news as another hook, we were able to land a further exclusive with the Mirror in January 2020 by highlighting that the cost of a bottle of water was more than double that of the cost of petrol at some stations.

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