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Under the Surface of Influencer Marketing

The wild west of ‘influencer marketing’ is a risky business, and it’s only not because brands are relinquishing editorial control to bloggers and vloggers. Messy breakups between brands and influencers occasionally hit the headlines, and the cause of the fallout can usually be attributed to a relationship tussle and power struggle. The problem with influencer … Continued

All That Glitters: A Cinemagraph Photoshop Tutorial

The cinemagraph has been tipped as the next big thing in content marketing, and boy are they beautiful. Wielding hypnotic power over audiences with endlessly lapping oceans and candles, and twinkling, breathy details, the web is bewitched by them. Want one? Frustratingly, cinemagraphs have been billed as a high-ticket and time-guzzling project, but we refuse … Continued

How To Clean-Up And Win Big During The Content Awards Season

Sharon Flaherty is a respected judge at several prestigious communication and content awards, such as the CMA Content Marketing Awards and the UK Social Media Awards. She’s seen it all. Even Gary Lineker in a vending machine. But she’ll be the first to tell you that celebrity name dropping and world-class events won’t necessarily bag … Continued

Why Brands Should Join the ‘Dark Social’ Side

What is ‘dark social’? When we talk about the ‘dark side’ of social media, for once, we aren’t referring to the dark web or cyberbullying (and sorry, we aren’t even inviting you to a Star Wars themed partyl!). Instead, it describes how little is truly understood about the performance of content on ‘dark’ social channels. … Continued

The Powerful Combination of a PR One Night Stand and a Long Term Relationship

It will soon be London Technology Week (11-17th June), providing an opportunity for businesses to discover and showcase disruptive technologies, seek growth advice, debate the issues and learn about innovations just around the corner. But with no shortage of tech firms emerging with the latest ‘big thing,’ how do B2B tech businesses stand out? We … Continued

Fake News: It’s All Your Fault

It has been discovered that in the 1980s, Donald Trump ran a drug cartel where his main rival was Pablo Escobar, who had attempted to kill Donald Trump multiple times. However, Trump was too cunning for Escobar and managed to escape and make a fortune from his drug cartel business without anyone discovering where his … Continued

Make a Unique Cinemagraph in Four Simple Steps

A cinemagraph capture a moment of fluid motion in one aspect of an otherwise still image. Do you fancy making your own? We’ve got four tips to get you started. 1) Plan what you’re going to capture and try to keep it simple. For example, a record spinning on a player works a treat, or for a first … Continued

Global Guidelines For Youtube Influencers Partnering With Brands

The International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network (ICPEN) has rallied alongside the Competition Markets Authority (CMA) to produce global guidelines for YouTube Influencers partnering with brands. The guidance is a result of the Online Reviews and Endorsements project group, and it aims to empower the Influencer to act transparently when they talk about third-party services. It’s something agencies and … Continued

The Value of Virtual and Augmented Reality Content for Brands

Virtual and augmented reality is a hot topic. Not only do the experiences drive engagement, and provide unrivalled one-to-one time between brands and consumers (far exceeding any engagement offered by television or radio adverts, purely because they last longer and involve active participation) virtual reality environments are becoming more accessible to consumers, as the technology … Continued

How to Gain A/B Testing Insights from Your Channels

If you’re rolling out off-site content as part of your content strategy, setting up UTM tracking codes using the Google URL builder will allow you to conduct A/B testing to see which channel is working hardest for your content. A great opportunity to use this tool would be when you’re working with a high volume … Continued

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