Technology Firms Need A Content Strategy

It’s London Technology Week (20-26th June), and it’s an opportunity for businesses discover disruptive technologies in their space, seek growth advice, debate the issues and learn about innovations just around the corner.

B2B technology firms want to make business operations faster, more intuitive and predictive. How can you communicate your messaging in a clear and compelling way, to the right markets?

If technology and FinTech firms want the C-Suite to notice their product, there’s no doubt they need a PR push. Traditional PR places brand names within topical native advertising, usually feature-length articles in industry-specific digital and print publications. While a sprinkling of well-placed links may push the reader to convert, PR on its own is a chance investment and establishing ROI can be cumbersome and inaccurate. What’s more, every other tech firm is pursuing those placements and competition is fierce.

Traditional PR is more successful as part of a wider multi-channel content strategy. When combined with a suite of targeted assets, PR has united messaging on your website, in print, white papers, research projects, video, Facebook and even at exhibitions and events. Your prospect may also be lower down the chain than you realise, so while a thought leadership paper may appeal to the C-suite, a video might catch the imagination of the actual buyer.

Tech companies need a content strategy and PR because they need to be fast, intuitive and predictive marketing that reflects your work ethic and USP to a number of demographics, across every channel.

A comprehensive B2B technology content strategy will assess your current impact and next steps. To get the best results from your content, ask yourself these questions before putting pen to paper, commissioning a video or reaching out to a PR:

Tone Of Voice

  • What tone of voice do you have now?
  • What tone of voice do you want?

Content Audit

  • What content is in your inventory?
  • How has that content performed?
  • Which content could be retired and why?

Social Audit

  • Which social channels are you owning?
  • How much engagement do you get on those channels?
  • How are you talking to your social audience?

Competitor Audit

  • Who are your competitors?
  • What are your competitors doing with content?
  • How do your competitors talk to its audience on social media?
  • What channels do your competitors use?

Persona Research

  • What industries and professionals are already contacting you?
  • Who’s in their network?
  • Who are their influencers?
  • What are their passions?
  • What motivates them to buy, and what prevents them from converting?
  • What are their needs for information, and how will you brand offer a solution?


Content ROI is a slow burn, but worth the wait. Make achievable predictions about where you’d like to be in six months, and then a year. It’s also best practice to refine your strategy at these milestones as your content starts to snowball and collect more data about your audience, offering more opportunity to personalise and develop content as niche as your business.

Remember that your technology specialism and expertise in innovation is the most compelling tool in your box.

BrandContent is the lead provider of content strategy to the FinTech and Technology industries. For more information, please contact Sharon Flaherty to discuss your content strategy.

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