Thought-leadership: A round-up of BrandContent in the news

It’s the end of our first month as a newly founded content marketing and digital consultancy and we’re already working with 3 well-known clients in the financial services sector, motoring and retail space.

While we have a very strong emphasis on the financial services sector, we also see the benefit of working with other sectors because of the learnings it can bring to everyone we work with.

We would like to say a very big thank you for everyone who is supporting us and has shown generosity in so many ways.

As a company, we believe very much in the power of thought-leadership for brands and the benefits that can bring. And of course it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t practice what we preach!

So here is a round-up of what we have been talking about and where we’ve appeared in the last few weeks.


Why the C-suite don’t get social media and how to change that

We recently worked on a project for the Guardian producing content discussing the state of social media today. One article in particular resonated with people all over the world. The piece – ‘Why the C-suite still don’t get social media and how to change that’ – looked at why the C-suite are not buying into social media and what can be done about it. The article continues to be shared globally and has also made guest appearances on a number of blogs, websites and podcasts in the UK and USA including this one in the UK  and this news blog in the states (Skip to: 2mins 40 seconds).  

The launch of content marketing agency BrandContent



FCA publishes draft social media guidelines

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) launched its draft social media guidance over the Summer, and we had a fair few views to share on its suggested approach for how the industry should use social media.



  • Use social media wisely to get ahead – In this news story we argue that the entire financial services industry needs to take the leap to designing online communications strategies to complement their existing face-to-face approach or face slipping further behind other sectors in their marketing efforts.




Personalisation: Have brands taken it too far?

  • The Guardian: Tailored experience or digital stalking? Are brands risking alienating customers with overly invasive campaigns or can hyper-personalisation work for both consumer and brand? Here we discuss that very point. 



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