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A Social Campaign In The Can

A TV ad and social campaign for Heinz that featured children, teenagers and adults using empty or full tins of Baked Beans to drum out the rhythm of ‘the #cansong’ has been canned by the Advertising Standards Authority on health and safety grounds. The ban follows three complaints that the ad encouraged unsafe practice, and … Continued

Facebook Live And The Demise Of Corporate Video

Author Giovanna Fletcher beckons millions of fans into her book-laden study to talk about her baby boys, Buzz and Buddy, husband Tom, and take questions from the tuned-in turnout. Facebook Live broadcasts her vlogs in real time, allowing adoring fans to soak in her warm personality, react to her thoughts, and feel intimately involved with (and in … Continued

How Can Brands Leverage Facebook Messenger’s Boom In Users?

To paraphrase Samuel Gibbs recent article ‘Why is Facebook trying to force you to use its Facebook Messenger app?’ Facebook is removing the chat function from the mobile website experience, and channelling users into the Facebook Messenger App. In June last year, Facebook allowed users to sign up to the service using only a mobile number, so they could access … Continued

How to Make Sure You Get Viral Content

Hitting ‘publish’ doesn’t get content seen. To get the clicks and engagement – to get viral content, brands need to be creative, daring and most of all multi-channel savvy. The holy grail of content distribution is for a campaign to go viral. Following the success of projects such as the ice bucket challenge, content virality … Continued

Brands Planning Ahead for Success with Pinterest

When BrandContent met Lizzie Sibley – Community Marketing Manager for Pinterest UK – at #OiWest’15 she unveiled the secrets to a perfect pinning strategy. Here are some invaluable insights for brands, curious about launching content on the platform, straight from the buzzing epicenter of Pinterest HQ. “Active Pinners use Pinterest to collect ideas for major life decisions” … Continued

Has the Cat Got Your Social Media Tongue?

I’m going to cut straight to the chase and ask you the question that’s been rolling around my mind: Is it acceptable for brands not to be using social media? Take Twitter as an example. If I’m using it and you are too, it would seem strange then that some of the largest companies in … Continued

Seven Take-Out’s From the FCA Social Media Consultation

After a near 4-year wait, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has published its consultation document setting out its intended approach for supervising the use of social media by firms. In its consultation paper, it outlines examples of compliant and non-compliant social media posts, in the hope this will give the industry more clarity on how … Continued

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