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What is the Facebook Rocket ?

It’s a bird? It’s a plane? NO ! It’s a Facebook Rocket !   A couple of days ago a tiny little rocket appeared on the Facebook mobile app with no announcement of what it was. People. Freaked. Out: Alongside the new ‘story’ add-on, this is the most change we’ve seen to the Facebook app … Continued

Facebook Live And The Demise Of Corporate Video

Author Giovanna Fletcher beckons millions of fans into her book-laden study to talk about her baby boys, Buzz and Buddy, husband Tom, and take questions from the tuned-in turnout. Facebook Live broadcasts her vlogs in real time, allowing adoring fans to soak in her warm personality, react to her thoughts, and feel intimately involved with (and in … Continued

How Can Brands Leverage Facebook Messenger’s Boom In Users?

To paraphrase Samuel Gibbs recent article ‘Why is Facebook trying to force you to use its Facebook Messenger app?’ Facebook is removing the chat function from the mobile website experience, and channelling users into the Facebook Messenger App. In June last year, Facebook allowed users to sign up to the service using only a mobile number, so they could access … Continued

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