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Ensuring your influencer has an influence

Working with an influencer with a million followers guarantees a million views, right? Wrong. So very wrong. In light of Unilever’s recent pledge not to work with follower-buying influencers, it’s important to know how to spot fake followings, before it’s too late. Working with influencers is a great way to reach new audiences and engage … Continued

How To Clean-Up And Win Big During The Content Awards Season

Sharon Flaherty is a respected judge at several prestigious communication and content awards, such as the CMA Content Marketing Awards and the UK Social Media Awards. She’s seen it all. Even Gary Lineker in a vending machine. But she’ll be the first to tell you that celebrity name dropping and world-class events won’t necessarily bag … Continued

The Powerful Combination of a PR One Night Stand and a Long Term Relationship

It will soon be London Technology Week (11-17th June), providing an opportunity for businesses to discover and showcase disruptive technologies, seek growth advice, debate the issues and learn about innovations just around the corner. But with no shortage of tech firms emerging with the latest ‘big thing,’ how do B2B tech businesses stand out? We … Continued

The Value of Virtual and Augmented Reality Content for Brands

Virtual and augmented reality is a hot topic. Not only do the experiences drive engagement, and provide unrivalled one-to-one time between brands and consumers (far exceeding any engagement offered by television or radio adverts, purely because they last longer and involve active participation) virtual reality environments are becoming more accessible to consumers, as the technology … Continued

Can We Stop The Crap Content ?

Like most content producers, I have a content plan for this blog but the post I planned in for this week has been bumped down the list because I’ve got to get something off my chest – crap content. In the last few weeks, I’ve been exposed to so much rubbish content it’s quite unbelievable … Continued

#BusterTheBoxer Bounces To Victory

Yesterday, we predicted the visual treats John Lewis could be about to unleash on the UK. The advert is here (finally!) and it’s the retailer’s best effort, yet. This is the story of a little girl called Bridget who loves to bounce. Bridget’s parents build her trampoline of dreams. As they retire into the house to recover … Continued

A Bouncy John Lewis Christmas

#BounceBounce Has the Christmas buyer at John Lewis placed a bulk order of pogo sticks and nodding dogs? More likely, a magical narrative is afoot. Tomorrow, John Lewis unveils its 2016 Christmas television advert, and yesterday, it revealed two mysterious teaser films: A contemplative dog. A space hopping five-year-old. What could it all mean? BrandContent’s … Continued

The Oatmeal’s Kickstarter Marketing Campaign

This week, we bear witness to a Kickstarter marketing campaign that not only raised more than $3 million in 30 days but also helped to save a life. Perhaps you’ve heard of digital comic book superpower, The Oatmeal, and its creator Matthew Inman? With almost four million followers on Facebook alone, his following have loyally supported him … Continued

Keep Video Content Close to Your Heart

Brands have emotional power in a digital world thanks to video content. Just look at John Lewis. It plied us with emotive Morrissey and empathetic, generous youngsters in ‘The Long wait’ (2011), forced heartache on viewers with star-crossed snow lovers in 2012’s ‘The journey’, brought back Animals of Farthing Wood jeopardy for many in 2013’s ‘The Bear & The Hare’, … Continued

BrandContent Launches DEN – the Content Marketing Podcast

BrandContent has launched a brand new industry talk show, DEN – the content marketing podcast. And you’ve burrowed right into the thick of it. Stop digging that hole, you’ve arrived in just the nick of time to eavesdrop on Sharon and Adam. They’ve invited Tom Nelson from the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden to talk about … Continued

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