Content Strategy

At BrandContent we have one core belief, that content should make an impact. We believe that content should have a positive impact on your customers and audience, and on your business goals and bottom line

Our team of content strategists and marketers will develop a long-term content plan based on your needs, but also join up the dots and deliver noteworthy engagement campaigns along the way.

Our content strategists will help you plan, develop and manage your content to
deliver the greatest impact

Our team will work with you to establish key performance indicators (KPIs) and develop a customer journey framework complete with tone of voice guides and personas, to ensure you have the right content at every stage of the user journey.

By performing a content audit and analysis, the team will provide data-driven content recommendations and put in place a relevant content plan that puts the strategy into action to intelligently engages your audience.

We’ve worked with large corporations grappling with demanding content audits, delivering analysis for websites with in excess of 9,000 pages, and we’ve also focused on boutique operations, giving bespoke advice for websites with fewer than 50 pages.

Working with BrandContent, your brand will consistently publish well-researched, stand out and beautiful assets.

Alongside our strategists, our content marketers ensure that short-term campaigns support the long-term, data-driven content plan

We’ll advise and guide your creative concepts as you implement them as multi-channel strategies, ensuring your audience are supported from discovery to conversion.

With the big picture nailed, we’ll map out the opportunities within the buyer cycle and your channels, to ensure that all your content is vibrant and attractive wherever your prospects or customers choose to engage with you.

Finally, we are the keepers of your brand story – we’ll work closely with the founders of your brand (or meticulously study your backgrounds) to pull out the personality and hooks that’ll resonate with your audience.

We’ll remain hands-on measuring the results of your content and making recommendations based on content analytics to ensure the content plan continues to work hard.

Aberdeen Asset Management case study

BrandContent were asked to review Aberdeen Asset Management’s private investor website to make it more user friendly for consumers and private investors following a big pension shake-up in 2015. The team completed a full-site revamp:

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