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BrandContent launches DEN – the content marketing podcast

BrandContent has launched a brand new industry talk show, DEN – the content marketing podcast.


And you’ve burrowed right into the thick of it. Stop digging that hole, you’ve arrived in just the nick of time to eavesdrop on Sharon and Adam. They’ve invited Tom Nelson from the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden to talk about the future of immersive content and virtual reality. 

As you may have noticed, many are leaping on the ‘immersive’ bandwagon, and using the term to describe any visually engaging content.

Immersive doesn’t mean 3D. Immersive doesn’t mean surrounded by dancers and being thrust a goodie bag. Immersive does not mean a Facebook quiz. And yet, ‘immersive’ is used liberally to sex-up dull, flat concepts.

Immersive is also used to describe the virtual or augmented technology, but the immersive part is always, always the idea and the experience.

Tom Nelson, the award-winning creative producer at the Royal Opera House, joins us in the first episode of DEN to chat about his experience with immersive content. his award-winning project, The Opera Machine. his work for the Learning and Participation Department (encompassing live events, digital firsts, live streaming and exhibitions) plus his recent virtual reality initiatives and World Ballet Day are all revealed. Wuick! Pop your earphones in and click here, it’s about to begin.

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