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Budget 2017 Run-Down

If you missed it, here’s a quick run-down of the Budget 2017 and the main changes announced. The economy (OBR forecast) Growth: Upgraded forecast to growth from 1.4% to 2% for next year, followed by: –   1.6% in 2018 –   1.7% in 2019 –   1.9% in 2020 –   2% in 2021 Inflation: 2.4% this year, … Continued

The Top Content Trends to Watch in 2017

Live videos are becoming extremely popular. We all remember last January when #DrummondPuddleWatch went viral. A ‘caution’ sign was put in a big puddle and everyone found inventive ways to cross it, including floating on a swimming pool lilo. Why waste a perfectly good lilo you brought home from Spain when you can use it … Continued

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